7 Steps To Building Your Very Own Chicken Coop

By | January 8, 2016

Chicken coop 1

Follow the 7 steps given below –

  • First you will want to build the base of the chicken coop.  Do this by forming a square out of some solid long pieces of wood, in the length of the size of the coop you want to build.  Be sure this portion of the coop is as sturdy as possible as it’s what will support the rest of the coop for the time being.
  • Next, you’ll want to nail some more beams at two feet intervals or so between the top boards and the base boards to form the roofing joists.  Again, make sure these are well secured so you can feel comfortable that the roof is not going to fall down.
  • Next, hammer down some plywood sheets along the base and beams you have just created to form the walls of the coop.  Be sure you are sawing holes in the plywood sheet wherever you would like to place the windows as well as the door, as this will allow for light to get into the chicken coop, which is important for proper growth. After these holes shave been cut, you should fill them with some type of clear plastic covering or else chicken wire. If using chicken wire you will also get the benefit of  increased ventilation, which is really beneficial and will help your chickens feel all the more comfortable.
  • Next, you want to form the milk crates for the hens to use as nesting boxes by cutting two long boards into two foot lengths and nailing them horizontally at opposite ends of the coop width-ways.
  • After that, then you are to dig two holes in the ground about four feet or so from the front of the coop in line with the sides.  Once that’s finished, dig two more holes in line with those and then place posts in each hole and fill with dirt.
  • After the poles are securely in the ground, then you are to wrap the chicken wire around them, forming the cage around the chicken coop that will keep predators out. This also gives your chickens room to roam around the yard, so they can get exercise and won’t feel so entrapped all of the time.
  • Finally, create the door for the coop and fasten it with hinges to allow for easy access for you to get inside and out.

Once you’ve completed these how to build a chicken coop steps, you just need to fill your coop with chickens and you’ll be ready to get started raising your birds.