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7 Steps To Building Your Very Own Chicken Coop

Follow the 7 steps given below – First you will want to build the base of the chicken coop.  Do this by forming a square out of some solid long pieces of wood, in the length of the size of the coop you want to build.  Be sure this portion of the coop is as… Read More »

Best Chicken Coop Materials That You Will Ever Need

Building a chicken coop is a great way to enjoy a rewarding hobby. Chickens thrive in the backyard, and they provide eggs for the kitchen. In addition, the birds eat insects and will also get rid of kitchen scraps. Backyard coops are easy to build, but they need to keep predators out. Raccoons, foxes, snakes,… Read More »

The Chicken Coop Nesting Boxes

One of the most crucial aspects of the chicken coop is the nesting box. The hens will spend much of their time in these boxes to see to it fresh eggs are available at all times. Everyone should consider the importance of the box and the space, as well as to follow any city codes… Read More »

Raising Laying Hens – The Right Way To Do It

Most experts agree that raising laying hens is fairly easy and straightforward. The actual process of laying eggs is more determined by nature than by anything humans can do. Still, there are times when your laying hens may run into trouble. This article looks at some of those problem areas and offers some advice on… Read More »

Raising Rhode Island Red Chickens

These type Of breeds provide excellent meat and eggs and they can also be raised for show. Because Rhode Island Red chickens are so hardy and useful, they make a great choice for those wishing to raise chickens in their backyards. Raising Rhode Island Red chickens is also a good choice for those who have… Read More »

Raising Bantam Chickens The Right Way

Some people love raising Bantam chickens, while others will not even attempt it. Bantam chickens are unique and special in many ways. This article looks at some of the issues you will have face when raising Bantam chickens. One of the most obvious and unique qualities you will see while raising Bantam chickens is their… Read More »